Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Post back some ramblings

So now that we are married, and I am not working (still getting UIA checks though)... I am looking for lots of ways to cut our budget.

An easy way to cut the budget is to cut the grocery bill.

I will admit in the past months we have budgeted terribly. Now that we are sharing accounts though I think that we need to get back on track.

My new MIL inspired me to start trying to cook more frugally again, she wasn't even trying to do that. She said she picks up day old bread the french bread and makes french bread pizzas out of that... Can you imagine the light bulb that went off in my head? DUHHHCheck SpellingHHH moment big time. Do you know how much those suckers cost frozen? I can make our own pizza sauce and then buy fixings for everyone based on what they will like. French Bread Pizzas are one of our favorite things to have. If I could ever figure out how exactly to bake my own bread and have it actually be tasty then I could really save. However, my MIL assures me she spends about $1.50 on a loaf of french bread, I don't think that I could even make a loaf for less than that!

So now I am on my new kick and excited about picking up this blog again.

Also, the kiddo is up for school pictures tomorrow. We decided to forgo most of them and take her somewhere else cheaper for school pictures this year. I'll purchase maybe one sheet from the school and take her to JC Penny or something. Money saver #2 Yaaahooo!!!

The big thing we need to work on is spending when we shouldn't... ie. entertainment or just plain old shopping.

Oh and on the food front does anyone know if I can make pizza sauce and freeze it?