Saturday, August 8, 2009

Its a bust...

The garage sale had one successful day, but not it is a bust. We had hoped the weather man would be wrong but he was not and it is very stormy here today.

I made about $40, my boyfriends sister made about $130... the other two at the sale didn't do as good, either way one day of sales and over $200 worth of stuff was sold between 4 people that isn't bad.

Since the sale was at my boyfriends sister's home and she doesn't want to hold the sale tomorrow as planned this is what I have made. She may be willing to do another sale on another weekend, I hope so because I have a bed that I think will sell for a decent price otherwise everything is going to goodwill.

I'm a little disappointed, but I have taken today for some much needed R & R and that has been nice. I love the rain and so I can try and be happy with that. I can't say though that I wish I had a house to hold a sale at instead of depending on others to do this.

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