Monday, February 23, 2009

Making uninformed decisions when banking

So I decided that I just went with the first bank I looked at.

For a while now I haven't been able to be approved at any bank because of something in chex systems. That must have finally fallen off because I got approved through an online application for a bigger bank. I was so excited that I could give up my crappy bank account that is online only with no branches I just decided I would open it when my check came (it hasn't come yet) I have to deposit $50 in each account.

On Saturday I was driving and saw a sign for another bank that was GIVING $50 to open an account. Banks are doing this because they want your business and your money. So why shouldn't I try for that at least? Compare the features of all the accounts and make a decision.

So that is what I'm going to do. I have a list of banks that I want to check out because I know there are plenty of ATM's and branches in the area (which is hard to find in my area there are only a handful of banks but some of the other banks have ATM's up in the area and like 1 branch that is either in the community or just out of it). Of course all of them are FDIC insured.

Given all of this, I started this blog to become healthy financially. Making a banking decision just based on one bank isn't the smartest and healthiest financial decision so I'm going to do what I intended for this blog and do it right!

So lets share...

Where do you bank?
What features do you like about your account?
What made you choose that over another account at another bank?

Photo by: Consumer Action


  1. I have several banking systems. I use my local credit union for the majority of my banking because I love their no-fee plus 5% checking account. I also have an emergency account and a Christmas account over at and I put my tenant's security deposit check into an account at ING. I like keeping money separate too. It makes it much easier to track.

  2. Dawn,

    There is just no way I could track my money if it wasn't seperated. I forgot I have a savings at the credit union too for my loan payments. I can't wait for that thing to be done and over!

    Now I have to figure out what goes where.