Thursday, February 19, 2009

What I'm doing wrong... or it takes 30 days to make a habit!

There are several things I know I'm doing wrong and why I've always had financial crisis. Its not that I'm totally frivolous but that I do indeed have a limited income. Although, I do make enough money to make it and have some savings. So what am I doing wrong?

I know I get caught up in the save a little here and there theme of frugality and it does save, but it frustrates me and I quit. Mostly, what I'm doing wrong Sisterly Savings spoke about in her post today Organized Bill Paying. I know I'm not organized at all it is part of my ADD I spoke about in my initial post.

My first goal is to get organized to kick that off I'm going to organize my finances this week by creating a new budget. I have opened a new bank account that has two checking accounts. One has certain features which were appealing and the other has other features I found appealing. I am also going to open an ING Direct account and will have my savings at the credit union for my loan payment. Oye! Just posting the amount of accounts to keep track of has me in a panic. Never fear though, that is the best way for me to stay organized. Sounds backwards doesn't it? Well each account will be for something different. If I mix my bill money in with my emergency fund I WILL spend the emergency fund because I'm not organized enough to not do it. I must organize myself in a way that will be effective for me.

I already have one of the spiral books to hold bills in it that Sisterly Savings speaks about in her post, the problem is I have never actually used it. So that is on my agenda for my budget and financial organization plan. I am also going to make a plan for some of my wants and needs. I'm not ready to post about those quite yet because the plan isn't ready by a long shot.

My newest motto is it takes 30 days to make it a habit. I need to start making healthy financial habits, I have identified my biggest problem which is the organization now I must tackle the issue.

My next step will be to organize my home, in small steps. Big steps overwhelm me so small steps are the way to go a project every weekend is good even if it is just one cupboard or two eventually the kitchen will be organized in an efficient manner.

What are some of the best ways you organize?
Do you have a financial system that works for you? Feel free to share.


  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog I appreciate the encouragement! I've actually done quite a bit of research for a historical novel based on some real civil war letters. We even took a trip to Baltimore and had a great find!!! Anyway, I'm hoping to make some headway with the book in the months ahead, but right now I'm looking for work since my husband had a stroke and isn't able right now.

    There will be lots more book reviews & book give aways. I'm so glad you'll be a follower!

    My best financial organizer has been Microsoft Money. It even projects how much money I will have tomorrow or any day in the future. I love it!

    Yeh, for "Ring Around the Blogs"! We may have never met!!

  2. I just signed up for . You basically enter all of your different bank accounts / credit card accounts / and bills and the respective sign in information. It then gathers all your balances and transactions every day and emails you one concise statement every morning. I found that I spend less time checking all the due dates and logging in to different bank accounts. It really is a "balance sheet" updated daily and effortlessly and safely.

    double Yeh for "ring around the blogs" thx !

    Jeanine @

  3. Denise, I have an old version of Microsoft Money. I should pull it out and see if it would work with Vista.

    Your work with the civil war letters sounds interesting. Right now one of my classes is archeology so maybe you'll have a moment to talk to me about your find sometime, who knows maybe I can quote you in some homework :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your husbands stroke, it must be tough trying to find work and caring for him.

  4. Jeanine P, I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip. That sounds like a good website plus it wouldn't take up space on my laptop then I bet.

  5. MS Money is good as well as quick books. Great blog.

    "Ring around the Blogs"!

  6. "Ring Around the Blogs"

    Thanks for commenting on my new bill paying method! And Kudos to you for getting organized! That's my goal for this year too!!

    Thanks for joining in on the fun!

  7. Came over from Ring Around the Blogs. I think it is great that you are taking control of your finances. I use Quicken for our finances. I really like it.

    Good luck on your quest.