Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WWYD Wednesday: Frugality

This week I'm not going to post a scenario... well maybe I am.

You are learning that in order to work with your budget and live within your means you have no choice but to be extremely frugal.

Most people cut their grocery bill down, however some have cut it as far as humanly possible. Other things to watch and cut could be utilities, and cutting of course cable, internet and phones out.

WWYD to live within your means? What exactly would you cut down? What are things you are unwilling to live/go without.

My partial Answer to what are things I am unwilling to live/go without: For me technically it is possible to live without the internet but it would severely impact my life to do without it and it would negatively impact my schooling and how quickly I could get it done. Going to the library is rarely an option for me besides my library has 1 hour time limits on their computers and internet time. In order to do my classes it is a requirement to have high speed internet.
I'll comment more as I think more on it and see what you all have to say that will help me too. I figure need an emergency game plan to put in action if it ever needs it.

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  1. Let's see - I called my insurance agent and made adjustments to life, auto and home insurance. That was an easy one. I cut my cable bill and may cut it altogether. I went without tv for 7 years, I could easily do it again. I did trim my grocery budget, but I still eat really well. I just buy a lot of "whole" foods - as little processing as possible. I don't have a landline or dedicated internet. I nixed the warranty on my cell phone. I limited my dining out to only social occasions for the most part. And I changed the withholding for my flex plan at work and my income tax - both which put more money in my pocket. Though I am keeping the flex, I just don't need it as much as I had in past years. When I make purchases now I do a bit more research and shop for the best deals and/or coupons. None of this has felt like a sacrifice and all of it has helped my bottom line.

  2. Great points Dawn. I usually go without cable in the spring/summer months as we just aren't home to watch it. Although I went for years without it at all too. when I do have it though typically I reduce or cut it out all together when it is warm.

    I did up my flex plan so its less money in my pocket at payday but I'm ahead of the savings game in my book this way. I still have less in there than I actually will use but I'm happy with my contribution. I remember a post on why you reduced yours right now my medical needs are such that I need it higher but when I don't I'll be reducing it again.

    Dining out was what I thought a rarity but I've come to realize I need to scale back on that I was ashamed when I realized how much I was actually spending dining out needlessly.

    I wish my library would offer more than an hour at a time on the net. I wonder if I can petition for it, the library here is rarely and I do mean rarely that busy. I used to go to Panera Bread where I could get free wi-fi and just buy a tea or coffee but I calculated it and I might as well stay home save the gas, and the money on the tea/coffee (I'd have to go almost daily) and pay for the net here. My job just isn't as flexible as I'd like it to be and the college campus is quite far for me. Soon though I may be going to a closer school when I transfer to a uni.

    I don't feel like much of the things I've scaled down are too much of a sacrifice at all.

  3. When I lost my job the last time, there wasn't much for me to cut. I was already living pretty frugally. I did stop going out every week, even though it was my only form of socialization. I unplugged all of my appliances when not in use. This cut my electric bill 22%. Abd I turned the heat down to 60 degrees when I wasn't home.

    If I had to cut more, I would get rid of the cable, and Shaunna's Blackberry. I should probably price my auto insurance to see if I could save there. As I've discussedin my blog, eating out is a huge area where I could save more.

    I would also buy less juice boxes, saving those for JJ's school snack, and not buy the individual packages of snacks, but buy the big box and split them up into sandwich bags.

    This year, we are putting in a small garden, so we will have fresh veggies and not have to buy as much from the grocery store.