Sunday, March 1, 2009

Score!! Found Gift Card

So last year I got a gift card for Christmas (yes OVER a year ago), and I lost it, I couldn't find it anywhere.

Yesterday in my attempt to clean out the car for my trip into Canada on Wendesday I was getting in between everything and I found it!! What is great is I'm flying out of Windsor and need to bring my laptop and school books with me, that is NOT going into checked luggage, too much worth there. So I was at a loss at how I was going to bring stuff for me, as that will have to go into the overhead compartment its a rolling laptop bag that will have 4 college text books and my lap top. Unless I found a big enough purse, I had almost resigned myself to not having anything for that 12 hr flight (including layovers). Now that I found this and it was a score I can get that purse.

Unless anyone has some other suggestions on what I can do to pack a few magazines, a book and headphones, along with essential supplies that I'd need to carry like you would in your purse. I'm game for that because then I can use the GC for essentials with coupons and really be saving.

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