Sunday, May 24, 2009

If I'm not around much

If I'm not around much posting its because life has taken a turn and it requires my attention.

My mother is having health issues, last night it required me to call her an ambulance and rush over there.

My daughter is at the end of the school year and just began softball season with our community as well. So it has us pretty busy. Every night last week and every night this week she has someplace she has to be. Being mom, I am the taxi driver. All of this and still there is homework, and practicing her instrument and softball.

With all of that said I'm going to at least try to get one or two posts up a week until things calm down. I'm not going anywhere I need this for me and to stay on track.

Any ideas for frugal and quick dinner ideas are welcomed, also ideas for things for the car that we can make and run with would be great.

Sorry I will be scarce hopefully things ease up a bit and I can come back here and post a lot more and participate much more too very soon.


  1. Good luck with everything, Kari, and remember to take time for yourself as well.

  2. I second Immer! For quick and easy foods, I am a big fan of wrap sandwiches. Tortillas are cheap and you can just add whatever you have in the house - lettuce, dressing, nuts for a salad wrap, or meat & cheese for a traditional wrap. Plus they can be eaten in the car! You can also use them to make breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs. Best wishes!