Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Looking for suggestions?

I would like to use the name Fiscal Fussbudget around the net and not just in blog land.

I have realized though it is usually 1 character too long without spaces to fit as a user name in most places.

I would love to get suggestions on name abbreviations or whatever you have. I would love to tie in my blog to my user name at these places. On twitter I just used fiscalfussbudge but that kind of stinks don't you think? I'd like to change it there too, when the time comes I'll have to find out how to do that.

What suggestions do you have?

Should I just stick with fiscalfussbudge?

Ha, I guess this is another Wednesday WWYD huh?


  1. You could drop the "a: and go with fisclfussbudget then if read it aloud it still sounds the same.

  2. I kept looking at the budget part and tring to figure it out. Of course I can do that :)

    Thanks Dawn :)