Friday, June 12, 2009

Spending for 6/11/09

I spent $65.65 at the grocery store. I bought mostly convenience food so my kiddo can make her lunches while I'm at work. I still have to get a few things but I had two lists and left the one at home.

I also spent $16.28 on various things one of them being terrible coffee from McDonald's blech... I though I'd save a bit and buy it there instead of someplace like Panera Bread since I was also out of coffee and creamer at home. Such a waste because I threw it out. I rarely buy coffee out but when I do I won't be buying the new McCafe anymore.

I need to find a way to save on the convenience foods. My kiddo is only allowed to use the microwave when I'm not home, she is highly unlikely to heat up left overs. Perhaps making homemade pizzas together then cooking them and cutting them up into individual portions she will be more likely to do that. She loves French Bread pizza they are expensive... I'm going to work on a way to figure out how to make this much cheaper. I'm not good at making breads anything that includes yeast comes out as a big FAIL for me. She may occasionally make herself a sandwich but she is tired of them after the school year. Hot dogs are something she can do in the microwave, chicken tenders, those taquitos she loves those.... then I am at a loss. She isn't a soup eater, which would be easy, she eats it when I make it and tell her she has to but if I'm not there she isn't likely to eat at all unless I give her options that she really likes a lot. Tween parenting isn't always fun ha!


  1. Some ideas off the top of my head (given that I don't know your tween, and what she likes/doesn't like)

    -quesadillas in the micro-some shredded cheese and/or left over chicken on a tortilla, with some salsa and/or sour cream for on top.
    -if you have a slow cooker, you could put some tween-friendly food in there that only needs to cook for 3-4 hours, start in the morning before work (even prep it the night before) and it's ready at lunch time. I have found some good "sloppy joe" or "pulled pork" type recipes for the slow cooker, then she would just have to put it on a bun and be good to go (still a sandwich, but a hot one instead of cold cuts)
    -you could cut up fresh fruit/veggies for her to munch on throughout the day
    -if she likes pasta salads, she could help you prep those on the weekends with the pasta/meat/veggies, then put dressing on when she actually eats it (to avoid sogginess)

    Hope that twigs something for you! Good luck!

  2. Isn't it fun tracking all your spending? I find it really helps to hold me accountable, because I think twice if I really want to write down that I ruined a no spend day by purchasing a $.65 candy bar or something.

    Look at the foods your daughter eats and see what you can't make ahead of time for her. You could make your own chicken nuggets (or tenders) and then freeze them so she just has to heat them up. Pasta salads are a great idea too!

  3. Is she allowed to use a toaster oven? That may open up some extra options for you or a little george foreman counter top grill.

  4. Oh she may really like the quesadillas and crock pot food too :)

    An idea of what she typically requests from the grocery store:

    Hot Pockets, pizza rolls, pizza, french bread pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs... typical tween food... junk really.

    I could get a toaster oven, I'll look at garage sales this summer. Maybe I'll work on getting her comfortable using the george foreman and the electric skillet.