Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where I have been

Well, I've had sketchy Internet and it seems I do have some right now too at home but the weather it seems has been what is to blame for sketchy net, and the weather hasn't even been that bad so I don't understand but oh well. I do have Internet at work but my schedule is all wonky for the next two weeks and work is demanding lately.

Hopefully, I'll get my receipts together to post from my last posting until now very soon... of course now may turn into Monday or Tuesday but I'm going to try and get them all up. I hope I have everything I spent, its yikes worthy though... at least I'm tracking and I can see where I'm spending too much.

This week is going to be one of those weeks that I don't catch a break at all. Its a shame too because this weekend was just as busy and I don't seem to have the time to be frugal about getting quick things together sot hat I'm not spending arms and legs on convenience foods. I'll get there though I will.

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  1. I hate that feeling of not getting ahead or even caught up with things! It's too easy to get sidetracked by life when you just want to sit down and gather your thoughts for 10 minutes. I hope things settle down for you and you can spend some time getting caught up on what's needed! :)