Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spending for 6/8/09

So it was 9:30 before I could sit down to even think about dinner last night. Last night was an unplanned Wendy's night so I spent $12.96 yesterday at Wendy's because I was also so tired I didn't care that we ordered the more expensive items.

I will be grocery shopping this week and need to find quick things for nights like this. I leave the house at 4:30 am and last night I wasn't home again until 9:30 pm.


  1. It's times like this I'm grateful for the frozen pizza or burritos in the fridge. I keep a small supply of "emergency food" handy for days like this. There are those days we get home and just don't feel like cooking. It may be microwave, but it's cheaper than Mickie D's

  2. Part of the problem was that I didnt' have time to replace the frozen pizza type items so there wasn't any in the house. I'm replacing on Friday when I do my grocery shop so I hope that I don't have another week like this.

    We'll be going through lots of items like those as it is summer break and the kiddo has to make her own lunch at home (and breakfast) and she isn't allowed to use the stove when I'm not home. Hopefully I can catch some really good sales, my freezer isn't all that large though.