Monday, April 6, 2009

New Business Venture

I've been toying with doing some freelance on different things.

I did some research and I know what I'm good at and have had a couple of offers so I think it is time to do some work on it.

Any tips for someone just starting out doing freelance work?


  1. Depending on what you will be doing, make sure you have your financial ducks in a row. You will want some kind of tracking system for your expenditures and how much you will be billing.

  2. Look at you doing the frugal blog thing. I'm proud of ya girl. :)

    Just wanted to say hi is all.

  3. Dawn, that is the phase I am in right now actually. I know I need a handle on that first before plunging in otherwise things will just be a huge mess for me.

    Jo, I'm so glad you stopped in and 'found' me out ;)

  4. Hi I am a freelance writer and have been for the last three years. Some advice I had:

    1. WAIT until you get money before you start spending it whenever possible. You do NOT need to have everything "perfect" at first. I waited until about a year before launching a website and forking over the dough on a computer, etc.
    2. Find some professionals in your chosen field and pick their much do they charge? How do they handle legal aspects of freelancing? What kind of advice can they give you? Mentors like these are invaluable.
    3. Start with a plan. Don't just get a license and put yourself out there without a definite plan in place! Put your best foot forward. Know your competition. Know your marketplace.
    4. BE CONFIDENT. This will stretch you, but please, for crying out loud, don't go around apologizing..."I'm new...I don't know what I'm doing really..." take yourself seriously from day one and your clients will too. I see this ALL THE TIME on blogs too "I'm a newbie blogger, dunno what I'm doing, others are better than me, blah blah blah...." no one wants to read that! So while I'm new to blogging and relatively new to freelancing, I treat myself as a true professional. This isn't to say you don't acknowledge that you will need continual support and improvement, just don't downplay your potential in the process.

    If you're curious, you can check out my website at and my blog at There are contact emails on both sites in case you'd like to email me further questions. Good luck!! Being a freelancer is not the easiest thing in the world - but once you've gotten the "bug," you won't want to go back!! Very few career opportunities will stretch you like freelancing will.