Monday, April 20, 2009

Have you found motivation?

I lack motivation lately. My last post talked about emotional spending and the problem I've had with it in the past. I'm excited to tell you I have been doing well. I did again overspend... at the grocery store, but not by much. My cupboards, fridge, and freezer were bare because I've been trying to use up stuff that was in there first.

Anyway, I think my ADD is taking me off into other posts ha!

I'm lacking motivation lately, I'm proud of accomplishments I have made but I don't feel motivated to do them. I just do them. I know I'm over scheduled and over booked and that has a lot to do with it. So I've made a decision this morning, well half a decision I need to think it through just a bit, school is out in just a couple of weeks. If I can get through that period then I can make some real progress towards some of my goals. I'll put a few of them on the back burner for now and just get through this rough patch. I'm stressed and being stressed will only make for stressed attempts at my biggest short term/long term goal right now. I'll still make little steps in these two weeks but I'm not going to jump in it full force because I know what that will do to me.

Where do you find your motivation? Do you take a step back ever for the greater good of your goals?


  1. Sure, I do all the time. We can only do so much. Sometimes things do have to go on that old back burner. Think of it this way - if you burn yourself out, you won't be able to get anything done. Do a what you can now and save up your strength. When times are easier you'll be able to tackle more.

  2. I agree with Dawn - we can't do it all at once, as much as we'd like to. I keep my motivation up mostly by reading other pf blogs - success is very motivating! :) I am very bad at splurging on things that I want, so I need to learn patience, to wait for these things I want instead of whipping out my debit card every time. Seeing the debt numbers go down each month is also very motivating, as is seeing the interest rates and minimum payment amounts drop! Hang in there!

  3. I think that is where I start to loose my motivation. I want to get it all done now and get discouraged when I can't.

    I am planning on making a spread sheet with chart so I can see how much I'm accomplishing. I think seeing it will help.

    Thanks for helping me stay motivated, that is part of the point of this blog. Accountability and motivation to get it all done even if it isn't NOW like I want.