Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've blogged about my overspending last week and reflected on it. This week I'm feeling the pain of that overspending. I'm broke!

I hate that feeling and it brings back all the old anxiety.

I've long had bills that are in collections and I've never done much about them. I always took a head in the sand approach and I can see how that didn't work for me in a positive direction. That is what this blog is for.

I've ordered my credit reports and I'm calling for the bills I've thrown out (note the head in the sand approach). I'm making some very tough decisions, some I feel are a must but it has me conflicted. Some I knew I should have done a long time ago. I made a mess.

This past week though I was able to see something different because I have been blogging and that is that this head in the sand approach needed to stop, the whole thing just has to let up. It causes me stress and that causes health problems. I'm still young and can overcome all of it and be financially successful. Again, this is why I started this blog to become responsible with financial decisions and become what I know I can be. I have goals I plan on posting about this week, I want to see those goals actually happen and in order to do that I can't just blog about it but I have to take action. I blogged about that at the beginning of this month; it was here. My first step is to create my goals and actually work on them as well as creating a sidebar with those nifty markers that show progress (note to self: find out how in the world you do those, THIS week).

I'm making a very difficult financial decision at the moment and I will blog about them when those decisions are fully made. Whatever decision I do make the turn around is near. I have an appointment Thursday so expect an update by the latest early next week as to what I decided to do about my finances.

Accountability was my number one goal for this blog so I'm holding some accountability here and doing what I need to do.


  1. Ordering your credit reports and getting those old bills is a great first step. Good for you!

  2. Way to go Kari! Hang in there and don't get too down or hard on yourself. We're only human and regrets can cripple you if you let them. As you say, you're young and can still rectify your mistakes and get yourself back on track.

    Looking forward to hearing what your decision is!

  3. Thank you Bouncing Back, I got a lot of inspiration from your blog. I'm still reading lots of it. There were some parts I wrote down for reference later just in case.

    NLA, thank you! I need the encouragement to keep me going. I wouldn't look to forward to what my decision will be its leaning towards something I've tried to avoid for years but seems that might be my only option now.

  4. It is interesting that the blog has helped you deal with all of this - good for you! I've noticed that with my blog too, it holds me to an accountability I haven't had before.

  5. I too have enjoyed a level of accountability to my readers since starting to blog. I'm in a different position though since I'm debt free apart from my mortgage. Still, I know what it's like to pay off debt and I'm glad you're now facing your debts head on.

    Good luck!