Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WWYD Wedensday: Tax Day Edition

Since today is tax day our WWYD is tax related.

I'll put a spin onto it, lets first discuss what we are doing with our refunds. Mine goes right back to the IRS to pay back taxes... I know, I know but at least I'm getting it paid off. What are you doing with yours?

Also here is a link for Tax Day freebies, let us know if you utilize any of them. Look at the link there are also links within with tax tips and tax information for all of us but mostly for you last minuet folks.

So now for the WWYD:

You've gotten your refund you have several places you can allocate it to:
  • Your Emergency fund which is almost non-existent but you are plugging away on
  • Spending on a much wanted and useful item you've been trying to save for
  • Much needed car repairs
  • Paying off a credit card
  • A vacation you couldn't afford otherwise

So, WWYD? Tell us why. I tried to think of different possible scenarios that cover someone just starting out in the healthy financial journey because that is where I am at and I believe many people are hurting right now so that can help those people too. If you have other things to add please do add them.

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  1. I took the kids and went to Disney World.

  2. It was really cool that you got to do that. I hope one day I can get to a point that the tax refund doesn't have to be allocated to an emergency fund, or bills, or a car repair but I can allocate it to whatever I wish even a vacation if I desire. I know you have worked hard to get where you are and I'm sure I will be there one day too.