Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Utilities are by far the bill I hate paying the most. For some reason I really hate paying for the most basic of necessities as far as living expenses go.

I hate paying the gas and electric bill, the phone bill, and my rent. I wish I could find something I could do to reduce them normally and normally I come up with just about nothing.

There are some plans to reduce though.


I am currently buying the new CFL light bulbs, I have noticed a difference in the few I already have

New savings program - every time something not in use is left on the offender must put 25 cents in the utility jar (all quarters will be used for laundry though) When there is enough I'll put it in the bank to pay the electric bill

Budget Plan, making my electric bill the same each month

Gas (by far the worst offender):

Buying items to winterize next year -

  • programmable thermostat
  • plastic for door wall and windows
  • heavy drapes
  • outlet covers

I will not have another year of this super high Gas bills.

Actually both utilities are on the same bill.

I don't have a water bill per say... it is part of my rent. However, the landlord has a water bill and he has been letting us all know how high it is and encouraging us to help keep it down. I know helping to keep it down will also help to keep my rent down.

Renting brings me to another point, since he doesn't have to pay the gas bill he doesn't care that the furnaces are old or the windows are really bad. Nor, does he have any responsibility in fixing what isn't broken even if they cost me tons of money. Which is frustrating because I also know how incredibly cheap he is and approaching him on this isn't going to help at all.

Photo By: Josh Harkinson


  1. Plastic for the windows really help. Also, as long as you are buying outlet covers, check out the outlet insulators. They are very inexpensive and they fit right in your outlet. Just unscrew the cover and slide them in place (they have holes for the outlets). They really help in outlets on outside walls.

  2. I didn't know about that, I will look for those.

    I'm assuming at some places I'll be able to get a deal on this stuff since it is past time to winterize.

    I really hate that I'll have to cover with plastic my sliding glass door, we use that thing the most but I know it is contributing big time to the gas bill. I don't even use the front door unless I absolutely have to.